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Had he missed a last-minute email or text from his boss, the Executive Director?  He checked his phone: nothing from Janice.  Some kind of incident?...He got out, locked his car, and headed toward the big glass doors, unaware of the figure standing near the edge of the lot.

Trembling with Fear: Year 5 from The Horror Tree, is now out there, waiting for you to take it home.  Includes my short story "Crosstown Scherzo" and two other drabbles.  Get it here.

His cat stood facing the wall near the spare room, her back arched as if something had compacted her.  Her eyes darted about...At once she jumped and swatted at something above her head.  She started after it, then came to a sharp halt at the door of the spare room.  Whatever she saw had apparently gone in there.


Get Serial Killers: Volume 2 from The Horror Tree, including my terrifying novelette, "The Child of Hyacinth Road".  

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Dig into The Killer Collection from Nick Botic Horror, where you'll find "Shop Talk", my 1960s-era tale of jealousy, revenge, and mythos.  

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